Friday, 15 November 2013

LoVe iS aBoUt tRuSt aNd rEsPeCt

Sorry ,
Lately mood nak menulis rosak , Idea kering kontang , Tak tahu lagi mahu tulis apa .
Jadi sila jangan rasa annoy . Plezz jangan annoy ok ? haha

Trust and respect . We really needs this two things in a relationship . Trust comes with respect . If you can trust this one person who is hundreds / thousand miles from you , then thats beautiful .
Sure kau tak boleh selalu jumpa dia , yet still you can talk to them , hear them , Think how amazing its gonna be when you finally get to meet . Why lets distance ruins your feeling ? Distance is distance .Love is Love , that's not gonna change . And Yeaahh when theres , This one person trust you wholeheartdly . Please respect her / his feeling . Dont flirt around . If I go flirting sekalipun , s/he cant see me . As long as I keep this in my pocket . s/he wont know . Wher's your respect to them ???

Im really hate people who is in a relationship but they said single . Disebabkan jarak yang jauh !!! Apa masalah kau ni ? Read this ! ' Playing with people heart is not funny ok '
Kesian boyfriend or Girlfriend kau tu nyooii .. 
Dear you , umur semakin meningkat , then sampai bila kau nak terus jadi begini ?? You have brain ? you can think !!!

p/S : aku rasa macam dah tak ada mood nak blooging . Sorry kalau makin lama makin malas nak update .. hehee .. till meet again ,


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